Saturday, May 22, 2021

Change of pace


I'm posting in this blog today because I'm taking a break from DTTF and the WordPress one. WordPress is scary in my opinion, because I'm getting followers that don't read my posts, but insist on following me because I have keywords and tags of "money," "work at home" and such, therefore assuming (wrongly) that they can make money from my blog. People see these tags and automatically assume that I post about those things, which I DON'T, and they are so idolatrous and pigheaded that they refuse to listen. It disgusts me and makes me think that I'm being taken advantage of, but I stay at it because the battle is the Lord's, and I have three blogs to post in at my discretion.

I write about Jesus Christ and His Gospel, and the way of salvation as shown in the King James Bible. You'd think there'd be someone, anyone, who would notice that. However, people today are not thinking about their eternal destiny, they just want money and temporary things, which I've repeatedly said are vain and won't do anything for them after they die. It shows me that Satan is very busy keeping his kids busy, and soon, when they least expect it, he'll come to collect his dues after they're gone from the earth. But nobody wants to listen, right? It's always about filthy lucre and the almighty dollar, and the Lord Jesus Christ is ignored, pushed aside, and cast out. People haven't changed, and history always repeats itself.

Very soon I'll be gone from this earth and up in Heaven with my Savior. Time is ticking away and will run out before we know it. You'd think these fools would prepare for something important like what will happen to them afterward, but they block their ears and shut their eyes, just like the Bible said they would. That's why the Bible calls them fools and vain. They live for temporary gain, and then after they die, they're forgotten. What's life worth living for if you know not Jesus?

Let me ask you something. Don't you want assurance that after you die, you'll be in a place where there's no sorrow or pain? No more death? No night or darkness of any kind? That you can avoid eternal punishment in Hell fire and be spared from the torments of the lake of fire? Do you really want to suffer forever in flames that will never be quenched? That your soul will never burn up, and you'll feel every bit of torments from eternal fire? Don't you realize that Jesus died for YOU and took YOUR PLACE on the cross, and suffered and gave His life so YOU wouldn't have to suffer in the next life? Your soul will live forever, dear reader, and you will be completely conscious and aware of your surroundings when you wake up in Hell if you don't get saved right now.

In conclusion, whether you're a new visitor to my blogs or if you've read my blogs at all, you know that Jesus Christ is my main subject in 99% of my posts. I am constantly warning people and begging them to get saved before it's too late. I'm doing it again now. PLEASE be born again by believing the Gospel message of Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again. This is the GOOD NEWS in a world that's nothing but bad news, and fake bad news, I might add.

Please, believe ON Jesus Christ. He gave His life for you to give you eternal life in Him. Please do it today.