Friday, October 29, 2021


So this whack job Mark Zuckerberg, kingpin of Fake Book, is changing the name of his den of theives social media to Meta. Rest assured I'm glad I got off of Facebook before this stuff hit the fan. I want nothing to do with virtual anything, thanks. Oculus is from Hell. Virtual reality is from the pit. Selling your soul to Meta Fake Book is a gross and grave sin against God. But you ain't seen nothing yet. The Antichrist is going to be a million times worse, and that's why you need to get saved RIGHT NOW. Jesus Christ is your ONLY escape from the wrath to come. 

We are in a time of great transition. Two dispensations are overlapping one another right this minute: the speeding-up conditioning of sinful mankind to the new world order, Antichrist system; and the final moments of the church age. If you are not saved, you need to realize that this life won't last, and the more time ticks by, the less chance you have of jumping into the arms of Jesus while this Titanic of a world goes down to the pit. It's not just a mathematical certainty, it's a spiritual certainty. 

I may not be here tomorrow. I may die or the church be raptured out before morning comes. But I know where I'm going and why. Do you know where YOU'RE going? You can know for sure. Click here and find out how to be born again before it's too late.